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Lots of entrepreneurs, artists, and athletes are familiar with this issue, they simply don’t know if they must follow their passion or play it safe. I certainly have been there, below you’ll find 3 must-haves to make the most of your passion…

Is following my passion the way to financial success, or should I keep them seperated?

A famous American football player was suprised by…

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David C. Baker is an advisor for businesses and charges18K a day. He’s helped more than 900 companies and is very knowledgeable about all the factors that make people and businesses successful.

In a recent article, he talks about the fact that many business owners do not know enough about…

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Everybody wants to give up at times when things get rough, so do I. But one of the most powerful persons in the world never gave up, no matter how hard things got. His childhood was not a good one either, growing up with an abusive father also did not…

Eric Jan Huizer

Freelance translator, Passionate Writer, but most of all a Proud Husband. Writing about Marketing, Mindset, and Entrepreneurship.

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