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follow your passion or play it safe, or combine them!

Is following my passion the way to financial success, or should I keep them seperated?

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Tell me 20 things I don’t know about our niche

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Sometimes you gotta do the hard work in order to figure out what you really wanna do

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The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary

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If you do the right things on the top line, the bottom line will follow

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He went from a boy being raised by an abusive father to being the 21st most powerful person in the world

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You limit your interaction with them in order to help them

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3 Steps: Find out the cost, see the true market value, and expand

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Do you react, respond or initiate during hard times?

Eric Jan Huizer

Freelance translator, Passionate Writer, but most of all a Proud Husband. Writing about Marketing, Mindset, and Entrepreneurship.

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