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Can you make a living doing what you love? Yes, here’s how you do it

follow your passion or play it safe, or combine them!

Eric Jan Huizer
5 min readMar 1, 2021


Lots of entrepreneurs, artists, and athletes are familiar with this issue, they simply don’t know if they must follow their passion or play it safe. I certainly have been there, below you’ll find 3 must-haves to make the most of your passion…

Is following my passion the way to financial success, or should I keep them seperated?

A famous American football player was suprised by this question during an interview last year, and his answer surprised me even more.

The player answered that he felt like he had to choose between American football and baseball since he was very skilled at both sports at a young age. His parents were supportive, but they strongly believed (like many do)that you cannot follow your passion and become wealthy, but is that true?

He made the choice to follow his passion for American football but always kept a realistic view of his abilities to earn money by playing. His choice was fueled by the potentially bigger paycheck in football. But he make sure to always ask himself “How do I sell my passion?”

In some industries you might be able to combine your passion and big money, but for most people this is not an option. But how do some people seem to do exactly this?

3 things to understand about making a profit from your passion

We all have something (or more things for that matter) that we are very passionate about, this can be that thing you do in your spare time for example. But it takes something extra to follow your passion and make money doing so.

Understand the following three things to make money following your passion:

1. Make sure you’re accually good at it

Try not to loose track of reality. Are you really willing to put in A LOT of hard work until you are the BEST at what you do?

Lots of people simply wil say ‘NO,’ they kind of hope things to just magically happen without effort. But the truth…



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