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Tell me 20 things I don’t know about our niche

David C. Baker is an advisor for businesses and charges18K a day. He’s helped more than 900 companies and is very knowledgeable about all the factors that make people and businesses successful.

In a recent article, he talks about the fact that many business owners do not know enough about a subject to keep their audience hooked on what they have to say… Their listeners stop listening because they simply do not have something new to say. David talks about the exercises he wants his clients to do in order to become better at what they do. I want you to do the same exercise to become even more successful at what you do, let's start!

Pretend that you are in an airplane on a long plane, after a few hours you get bored so you decide to strike up a conversation with the man next to you. Turns out he works in the same niche as you do! What are the coincidences right!? During the conversation, you notice that his man has nothing new to say about his niche and business, which makes the conversation boring…. So you start to wonder how you can bring the spark back into the conversation and establish authority in your niche at the same time…

So now tell yourself; ‘Drop and give me 20!Tell him 20 things about the niche he didn’t know.’ During this exercise, you make two assumptions: the first is knowing that you are smart, and the second is that you are knowledgeable about your niche. Those things have to be true for this exercise to be successful and it’s a great way to test yourself.

Try to WOW this person 20 times within the next 30 minutes by telling him things he did not know about your niche. The man that you’re talking with will be blown away by your views on some of the same problems that he struggles with on a daily basis. He gets more and more engaged with what you have to say and asks ‘What are some of the things you’ve noticed that I had no idea about?’

Your answer to this question will make great subjects for specific articles on LinkedIn or your own website! Establish your authority in your niche by answering specific questions that your audience has, by using knowledge most of your competitors don’t have.

I have a question for you; ‘If we are in the same industry, and I’m relatively smart, can you tell me 20 things I don’t know?’ If you cannot come up with 20 things, write down the questions you get from your clients and really think about the answers. By doing so, you are disciplining your thinking, I have no doubt in my mind that you are smart enough because you are.

Nobody should say that they cannot do this exercise successfully because this is not true. Intelligence has nothing to do with it, the question only is; ‘are you trying to think deeper?’ Talk about the things nobody else talks about, don’t just say the things everybody else does.

Accomplishment comes from discipline and good fortune

Now I want you to write down 20 things you can share with your audience, 20 things of which you are certain they don’t know. Share the first three things in a comment, and discipline your thinking doing so. Good luck! I look forward to your comment :)

Freelance translator, Passionate Writer, but most of all a Proud Husband. Writing about Marketing, Mindset, and Entrepreneurship.

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